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Adams Staehr


I decided to run for the legislature representing Nebraska’s 24th Legislative District because I believe strongly in public service and because I believe that I can provide the kind of experience, knowledge, rational judgment, and integrity that the citizens of the district demand from their elected representatives. More about Senator Adams »


Greg Adams


The 2007 session by some has been labeled the water session. The legislature tried to respond to on going drought conditions in most parts of the state, particularly in the southwest and lower Republican River basin with the passage of LB 701. The bill was controversial largely because of its funding mechanisms. The bill was designed to meet some of the water compact demands... Read more »

Nebraska Unicameral


The passage of my priority bill during the 2007 session of the legislature (LB 562) was a significant addition to Nebraska’s community development statutes. It gives to every size of community in Nebraska an additional tool to enhance their retail and commercial base. More about my position on major issues »