Senator Greg Adams district 24
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After eight years in the legislature, term limits has ended my service to the 24th district and the state. The Nebraska Unicameral Legislature is a unique institution and I consider my time as a state senator an honor. I remember back with fondness when I recall the humorous situations I experienced as a legislator and the friendships made. I look back with pride at the difficult times when scarce resources, scarce patience and an abundance of ego made finding policy solutions difficult, but we found compromise and made the legislative process work. There were also times that were very stressful and unproductive. Those were the times that, when remembered, causes one to say, "it is someone else's turn to represent the 24th district."

I have started a new career that allows me to use my understanding of education policy, my relationships with senators and education leaders, and my experience in the legislature. I am President and Executive Director of a newly-formed non-profit called Accelerate Nebraska. My involvement with Accelerate Nebraska is challenging and worthwhile; as a result, I spend very little time looking over my shoulder at my time in the legislature.

I want to extend a final "thank you" to those who encouraged me to run for the legislature and helped me get there; to those who I represented for allowing me to be their state senator; and, certainly to family and friends.